9:30 PM



We were actually planning to celebrate Hazel's birthday on Friday the 13th but she wasn't free the last minute but Daniel still wants to go out so we met up for movie!

And guess what! I WAS LATE AGAIN!!!!

The show starts at 5.35pm and i reached there like 6.00pm! Sorry to Daniel and Jasmine as they had to come out to pass me the tickets and go back into the cinema again.

I have this bad habit for being late every time!! Since secondary school, my friends already gave me this nick 'Late king'! Wahlau!!!! I everytime also last minute then prepare! Everytime! Grrrr. Nevermind! Lets carry on with this entry..

Before i went to meet them.

We watched The Happening. Okay I can't really comment on the show as I missed the front part of the show which they said its the best part.. :(

Daniel, Me and Jasmine! :D taken after the show inside the cinema!

After that when we came out of the cinema, we saw this place and Daniel wanted to camwhore! LOL.

The cheerful and the emo!

After the movie, we went to meet Qinghe for dinner! :)

We took the train! :D

and and.. to disrupt you

take a look at Jasmine's eye! :O

Hahha! So scary!

We then decided and went to PIZZA HUT!!

Trio cheese crispy thin!

Hawaiian pan!


Group photo! :)

After the dinner, we went to like some random places to take photos and also should I say slacked?

Qinghe, me and Dan

We also did the typical (L-O-V-E)

Daniel and ME!

Suddenly... Jasmine did something to Qinghe..

that is draw eye-liner on him!!

and I love his new look! Haha! :)


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byebye! :D

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