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Hello everyone! It is finally... HOLIDAYS FOR ME NOW! :D :D and I've more time for blogging already!

Okay! Recently I met up with my bestfriends to have our usual hangout at night. Guess where is it? ......


We went in, settled our bills and there is this waitor came to us and gave me a piece of paper which is their feedback form and wanted us to do their feedback form based on their service.

Okay okay! Before I start blogging about what we've eaten and stuff, I've noticed something pretty in Seoul Garden and therefore took some pictures of it. Haha! :D

Lets begin!

Before we started..

Our thai tom yam soup! :D

and we started taking food to cook!

and very soon our table became like this!

I found out that you could see your reflected image at their divider wall..

so i started taking pictures of the reflected images.. lol

Me eating the chicken. Haha.

The cup and straw that we shared throughout. Haha.

A series of shots of me and Qihui taken by Hayati..

I think he is irritated by me :(

My bling bling ring! Although many 'diamonds' already dropped off! HAHA. R-A-N-D-O-M!

Looking at the delicious CHICKEN!..

and I took it and chew it! :P

And soon, we finished our thai tom yam soup!

After finished our food, we had....


And i made my own ice kachang with many TADPOLE AND NATA DE COCO! :D


Hahaha. ate the tadpole.

This is what our table looked like after we finished EVERYTHING!

and yes.. We never forget to camwhore.

Like this the most! :D

And we guys left like when they are closing already!

Its fun to eat at Seoul Garden with them because we always do stupid things. haha. Moreover we're now all at different school and this could strengthen our relationship more. Okay! Love you all bestfriends! :D We shall go out again soon okay!!

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