Pepsi Euro! 'Ahhhh~'

11:52 AM


Hello everyone!

Guess what! Once I've received the advertorial, I went online and look for Pepsi's new facelift drink which is Pepsi Max! I immediately went to my nearby supermarket and bought the drink!

Hmm, its indeed very nice! My mummy also say nice okay!

Here is an brief description of their newest drink, Pepsi Max :

Pepsi just had a new facelift and also introduced a new drink, Pepsi Max. In conjunction with that, they are having a promotion and Pepsi drinkers can stand to win 4 sets of 52 inch HD TV and many other prizes by just doing what they love, DRINKING PEPSI!

Here is an Commercial for Pepsi which includes some of your favourite football celebrities! :)

Don't you think the Commercial is like so cool? It features the football celebrities passing the ball to each other from places to places and in the end it still conveys the message they wanted to say! I like it the most is when after they drank the Pepsi, they gave the classic 'ahhhh~'! It is so Pepsi style! :D :D


There is this promotion now where pepsi drinkers get to win 4 sets of 52 inch HD TV and many other prizes!!

How does this work?

You can win instant prizes with every Pepsi Football 1.5L bottle and 6-can pack. Simply cut the instant win sticker on the pack to see what you've won! Then go to the respective merchants to claim your prizes. As simple as that! :D

The prizes to be won:
- 52" HD TV x 4 sets (worth $8,999 each)
- Playstation 3 with latest football games x 4 sets
- CabalSEA Astro Board x10 sets

Prizes also include 10,000 limited ed CableSEA posters plus instant discount & vouchers at various F&B outlets worth more than S$100,000 are up for grabs!

I know i know! CabalSEA is now very popular among you youths so there is another reason to buy Pepsi ! :D

Wah wah, I know many of my friends who play CabalSEA! Shall ask them to get their Pepsi! Haha! Go ask your friends to get them too okay! :D :D

Okay, now i shall put up photos of Pepsi football celebrities playing on Euro! Excited already right! Haha.

Last but not least, to know more about Pepsi and its newest drink and of course the prizes to be won..Click here NOW! :D

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