Happy Birthday Mummy!

12:24 AM

Happy 39th birthday to my mummy! ❤ 

I love you :D


Hey guys! I was super busy lah omg! You know normal poly students are most probably having their exams now. BUT NOT ME! I've like studio project to do for this 3 weeks till the september holidays! What is worst is I've to go back to school everyday from 9am to 6pm! I don't even know I could visit my Secondary school during teacher's day! :(

My course is so different from others! But who cares, I don't have to study for exams! Hahahaha!

My current studio project is on making an advertisment to rebrand Singapore! How exciting -.-

Not forgetting my partner is Hazel! :D We can do it! 

I shall update about National day soon! Good bye!!!!!!! :D :D

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