Harry? Who?

4:21 AM

Few weeks back if I'm not wrong, we had this talk on Motion graphics from this guy called Harry from overseas. We had a farewell party for him of course! :D

This is HARRY!

The farewell party was held around at 5pm when our lessons ended so during class, me and my friends had nothing to do so we started to take photos with our Macbook.

Seriously, I think our class always take photos in class with Macbook whenever we had nothing to do!

Yiling, Daphne and me

I can't really do this.

A couple of shots of me and daphne!

Nice right!

with the decorations for the party!

Can you see? we're COOL!

and us with the ''ah bu nei nei'' brand pocky! haha

After that Guixin joined us too!

See what daphne is doing!


So after that we headed to the farewell party!!!!!

There is very little year 1 students went so mostly were the year 2s.

Me with Yvonne

Me with Shawna senior

Jodie senior, daphne and me

Me, yiling, qh, yixin and yvonne

and Group photo of Year 1 & 2 with lecturers and Harry and his family!

Okay! I'm ending this post with someone who dropped his/her chicken wing during the party....


Still can laugh!

Laugh and pose some more!

Yah lah. Its her!!!!!!



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