Sweet and random!

4:51 PM

I'm back! 

I swear this is freaking overdue already! So this entry I would be just updating all the random stuffs that happened for the past 3 weeks! (I think it is more than 3 weeks)

I shall begin with one of my school work! 

This is a test did in class lah! Normally in that lesson I'll be surfing the net and suddenly there is this test then I don't know how to do! so I faster on my MSN and send a message to Josephine (my classmate) and asked her what to do for the test! then anyhow do and handed up this! Think its called Vector art or something. Did it with adobe illustrator. 

Okay! Before the 3 weeks of intensive studio project thing, we had this talk from this guy called Harry from overseas to tell us about motion graphics!

Seriously I must say many of my classmates were sleeping lor! If not they will be playing or talking among themselves! 


anyway, I was with Yvonne at the back doing something! :x


its a tie! 

Anyway you guys should know about me having the pineapple hair thing right. Yvonne drew a pineapple on my hand and i think its quite nice!

and i drew a fruit on her hand too! Guess what is it?


It is a PEAR lah! look like right? hahahahaha!

Yvonne and me! :D 

-More random stuffs-


See how sad I was because of the Studio Project.

This was taken at home..

This is for you!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

This was taken in school... also sad...

This is me and Yvonne again! we were recording sound track for the project!

Okay shall end this post here! and I want to ask a question!

Do you shop at art friend too?! :D

Okay bye! Do come back to check out for updates! :)

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