Birthday celebration #1

4:25 AM


I've changed my blogskin for a week already! Is it nice? :D 

Anyway, on 22nd of September which was one day before my birthday.. Hayati and Qihui booked me and asked me out.

They didn't tell me what we're going to do and they just told me to meet them at Marina Square at 4.00pm.

*I was lonely and took train there alone cause they said that they're not going to meet up with me and go with me*

I don't even know what they were trying to do! When I reached there, they brought me to the Cinema and we caught Mama Mia

The movie was not bad actually! :D

So after the movie..

Hayati: Eh, we want to bring you to somewhere..

Randy: Wait, I want to go to the toilet!

Hayati: Cannot.. Later then go lah?

Qihui: Aiya, go toilet first lah..

So we went to the toilet and I was brought to some place..

We were somehow walking towards the Singapore flyer..

Randy: Are we going to take the flyer? :D :D

Hayati: No....

Randy: ....... -____-

I was following them and Hayati finally said...

''Haha, we are going to take the flyer!''

and she took out 3 tickets!

Weeeee! Was really happy and also shocked! This is my first time on the flyer! :D

Hayati and Qihui! 

The 3 of us.

My bestfriends :D

I think we kept taking photos so the ride somehow ended quite fast for us! 

Some views from the flyer:

Qihui and me 

Hayati and me

Hayati and Qihui

And some more group photos: 

Me! :D

After that we went to Swensens to have our dinner!!!!! :P

and we started ordering our food.





and guess what Qihui is going to do?

He was going to give me his pineapples cause he doesn't like to eat them...

actually i also don't really like but cannot waste food okay! :P

After finishing our food, our chocolate fondue was served to us! 


:D :D

We share share one okay..

I did this to one of the mashmellow.


Anyway, I must really thank Hayati and Qihui for everything! For planning and actually they didn't meet up with me to go with me was because they were buying those tickets and preparing stuffs. THANK YOU MY BESTFRIENDS! 

Really enjoyed my day with you guys! 

So i should end my post with a happy me! 


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