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Guys and ladies!

Looking for cheap yet nice tees? 

Look at some of the tees I have! :D

This is my favourite!


Look at what Jasmine gave me:

Super cute right! She said that she saw this and thought of me so she bought this for me! Wahahaha!

One picture of me and my friends on the first day of school (Sem2) :

Anyway on Friday, we had this new module called ''Advertising Concept'' and there is this lecturer from overseas came and showed us his work and suddenly during half way of the lesson...

he took a bag of plastic bag and gave everyone...

a packet of condom!!!!!

Okay, look carefully...

The brand is different lah! Well, this is just a repackaging from a motion graphics company..

It is to promote Motion graphics!

and the instruction leaflet inside is super cute & funny!!!!!!!!!!

take a look, its all about motion graphics :

But in that packet, there is really a pack of condom!

HAHAHA! that lecturer told us that they are all bought in huge amount in Malaysia so it is better not to use it. 

After that we used our Macbook and started taking pictures again!

Daphne, me and Qinghe :D

Okay, Goodbye! :D

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