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Hello everyone!

I'm back. I think its been like a month since I had a proper update. School was really busy and now my first project is over, I hope I could update more frequently but I've got this feeling that this week I will get another project somehow.

Beginning of my new semester, we had this outdoor sketching thing whereby we need to go out to sketch the things outside?

and we went to Esplanade!!!

Guixin and I went to the rooftop and sketch, its really nice there and we took some pretty photos!



Then when she was sketching, I saw her long hair was like floating in the air because of the breeze and I find it super nice like filming music video so I faster took the shot :P

Not bad right :P

My version. haha.

Super nice right?

After all the sketching, show you guys our sketches..

Hazel, Yiling, me and Guixin

Of course mine was the nicest.. :P

A random photo of me and Hazel (My ex-partner). Hahaha


The following day, we had outdoor photography and we went to Raffles near the Boat Quay there!

Me, Guixin and Hazel start off by getting ourselves each an ice-cream. You know those which cost $1 and its super nice.

Still remember in my Secondary school days we would get this kind of ice-cream outside our school after school..


Okay nevermind, back to this......

So the three of us went walking around aimlessly, we didn't really took photos of what we were supposed to take. Haha.




After that our class gathered and waited for our lecturers.

Guixin took this.

and this.. looks like some advertisement for Everlast.

and when our lecturers were here, they bought us to...

Yeah, the Asian Civilization Museum!

and all of us need to paste this sticker on! :P

so here are some of the photos taken:

This is called ''Silhouette''.

We then walked to this part of the Museum whereby I heard a lot of laughter..

My friends were all doing ''Cosplay'' (Thats how they describe it)

and i join in too :P

That's feedee and me! 

I tried on the pants and ITS SUPER TIGHT! I don't know why.. Haha.

Okay, ending my entry already. 

Byebye! :D

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