Boring Christmas

9:21 PM

Hello everyone! 

How was your Christmas? 

This year Christmas was rather boring for me. Don't really have the Christmas mood.

Anyway, me and my poly friends (Rainbow) met up and had a gift exchange! 

We met up and Causeway Point and we headed to Pastamania to have our dinner first! :D

Me and Guixin, the one who always want to fight with me :P

Hazel, Jasmine and Qinghe

Oh yah, Yiling couldn't make it. She was not feeling well. 

Sy, me and Guixin

All of us!

After that we walk around aimlessly and we decided to go to Macdonalds to exchange gift!


Why Hazel look at me like that! :P

And after that we went home.... 

I cannot stand my long and thick hair! 

and I just went for a hair cut one hour ago! :P

Lastly, ending this post with this screen shot..

That is Felise and me in HabboHotel! 

Do you guys play Habbo too? :D 


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