Reunion Dinner!

3:22 AM

Hello everyone!

Yes, I'm finally back!!!!!!!! :D

Holidays are finally here!!!!

I was really busy for the past 3 weeks and I'm really happy that our Audio-Visual performance went smoothly!

It was tiring and yet fun staying back in school to do our Studio project. Can you believe I stayed overnight in school for like 5-6 days with Guixin and Yiling?

I'll update more about my Studio Project after I've updated all those stuffs which were due like a month ago.


So yeah, I'll update about Chinese new year!

Firstly, the Reunion dinner! 

If I'm not wrong, we went to our grandma house on Saturday to have our reunion dinner. 

Me and bro on papa's cab!

Muack! Forgive me for not updating! :P

As usual, we had steamboat!

My cute cousin, Valerie!

After all the eating and talking, me and my brother went to play with our cousins!

You know.. Its been quite sometime since we went back to our granny's place because me and bro were busy and stuff. 

Kinda miss playing with our cousins though. 

All of us! :D

After that, they were kinda hungry and they took Pringles in..

And guess what??!! 

Yeah, all over the floor. Hahaha

And back to photo taking again.

It was really fun lah. Lastly a photo directly by one of my cousin, Qun Yao.

It is the HAPPY ''NIU'' YEAR shot!!!!!!!!!! :D


Anyway, the following sunday we had our own reunion dinner at home!

I love Steamboat!!

I'll be updating more cause its the holidays! Do check back! 

Hope to see more comments coming in yeah! 


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