CNY (Day 1)

2:26 AM

Hello hello!

Chinese new year day 1 update!

Firstly, we went to ah ma house..

and our family took a family photo! :D

Nice right!?

with my bro

I really like my hair length during that period. Now my hair grew longer already lah!

Dominic, Ben bro, me

After that...

As usual...

The 'HEX' photo shoot! :D

Every year we would take photos at somehow the same place. This year we went to random places!

Like here...

and here...

Looking at the ugly photos taken..

Me and Priscilla! :P

We even took photos at the overhead bridge!?

Bro & Lester (Our photographer!)

More photos!

I'm laughing because...

We did this!!!!!!! 6 of us holding hands and walking down! HAHAHA!

and guess what? we saw 2 people fainted!!!!!!!

I love my cousins! I love Hex!

Amenda, Dominic, Benjamin, Cassandra, Priscilla & Randy!


During evening, we went over to our another grandma house!

Then we picked our red packets!

My ah ma got this damn creative way of giving us red packets! Inside every red packets have different amount so see how lucky we're lor! :D

Okay fast forward everything and we went back home!

Our house decorations! Hahaha!

My mummy told me not to update about Chinese new year because she said that it was boring and no one wants to read!!

Please prove to her that you guys actually do read my entry okay! Hahahahahah!

Goodbye! :D

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