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Advertorial is an avenue for those who are not afraid of standing out to get their loots at a very affordable prices and enjoying high quality at the same time.
They're venturing into manufacturing exclusive pieces at a limited quantity rather than mass producing so you can't see anyone else wearing the same top or dress as you (you know how frustrating that is!).

The below are some of the designs have as instocks:

And some of the upcoming designs:

Apart from apparel, they'll also be bringing in accessories such as exclusive rubber bracelets and the hot selling exclusive laser cut diamond necklaces! Nice leh!

Not only do they have apparels for girls, the guys aren't left out too!
Louis in Dino tee is upcoming in their latest addition to the tees collection, together with the IloveMJ tribute ringer!

Keeping items affordable is highly prioritised by Hence, the price range so far is about $8 to $28, with most items priced between $10+ to $20+.

Do check them out and join their mailing list for more updates!

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