How much do you know about SCDF?

9:44 PM


Ever know what was my ambition when I was young?

It's Fireman! Muahahaha cannot believe right!

Anyhow drew this with my wacom tablet


Okay. That wasn't really the main point, just sharing only!

What I'll be doing on is telling you guys about SCDF!

What is SCDF??!!

Basically SCDF which is also known as The Singapore Civil Defence Force is a uniformed organisation under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

They provide firefighting (I like!), rescue and emergency ambulance services, mitigate hazardous materials incidents..

and not forgetting to formulate, implement and enforce regulations on fire safety and civil defence shelter matters.

SCDF also actively engages the local community through its wide-ranging public educational programmes and community-based activities to pass down the message to everyone to be prepared when there are emergencies.

I still remember in my uniform school days, I have talks like these all the time! :)

Oh! and excursion too!!!!

This was in 2007, when we went to Singapore Discovery Centre for a Civil Defence trip I think..

What I find really awesome about SCDF is that they're always ready and prepared to ensure our nation if there is any unexpected eventualities. They have professional body of well-trained officers and specialists like 24/7!

Ahhh. Please do not take them for granted and appreciate what we have!


Their tagline which is very true: The Life Saving Force!

So I'm ending this entry already! And if you do not want to have a desk-bound job, check out how you can be part of the life saving force here!


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