Samsung Corby: The Longest Yarn!

12:00 AM


What is the color of your life?

Is it...


Take a look at these phones by Samsung!

It's the Samsung Corby!

And the answer of my question above is definitely yellow! :D

See! Its so Nice right?!

Anyway, do you know that there are 2 phones from the Samsung Corby family?


After going to their colorful interactive webpage to know more about the Samsung Corby phone..

I'm going to start off with some of the features of Samsung Corby that I personally really like!

They are.....

The Fashion Jacket!

Samsung S3650 Corby
Just like the picture above! You can change the cover of the phone depending on your mood or to your favourite colors!

One finger zoom!

With just one finger, you can enlarge files and photos in both Internet and photo browser! I really like this function! Its very useful I feel.

Smart Unlock!

This helps to unlock your phone and access the menu quickly with Smart Unlock. It provides easy added security as you unlock it by accessing it on your touch screen. Cool!

Pop-up SNS (Social Network Service)

You can get automatic updates via news feed on your phone! (Facebook, Myspace and Twitter). You can get to update your own status too!

Picture 2


Take a photo and you can upload it to your favourite community site instantly! Be it Facebook, photobucket, flickr etc.


Seriously, there are a lot more features that I haven't cover yet so..

more features of the Samsung Corby Phone could be found here!!


Anyway, heres a chance for you guys to win 10 phone from the Samsung Corby family!!!


What do you have to do?

Its simple and fun! Trust meeee!

Simply just write an opening of your story, and let the plot and twists unravel. Using their Facebook application, post your words and invite your friends to join too! Your story could take you to the prize of 10 Samsung Corby phones!!!!

Its that simple!

How do you start?

1) Register with Samsung Fun Club @ Here!
2) Log in and Follow the link to add the Facebook application
3. Click on the "Home" tab
4. Choose "Gal" or "Guy" & click on “Start writing” to start your story
5. Begin your first story post!!
6. Invite your friends to add to the story
7. Continue where your friends left off, and vice versa.

I've started my story though so start yours now eh! Go ahead and have fun!!!

Before I end this entry, do join the longest yarn here! Who knows you might just win the corby phones? :D


Eh wait!!! Isn't that me in the phone?!! Muahahahahaha!!



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