Life's Good 1.0

11:33 PM

Hey guys! Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I'm back!!


Anyway, this picture above was taken and edited from my LG GW620!

How awesome is that when you can edit your photo straight from your phone using their editing functions?


Showing you guys how easy it is to edit photos through this phone!

You don't even have to access to your Photoshop or any other editing softwares in your PC! Convenient!

The final product after I edited it!

And also not forgetting to mention that this smartphone comes with a 5.0 mega pixels camera! The top photo taken above is very clear as you can see!

It also comes with single LED Flash!

Other than this useful function that I personally really like, there are more features that you can't believe what this smartphone provides!


This phone is really good! As days goes by, the more I'm into this phone cause it has everything I need! I'll tell more about it as we go along!

Anyway, this LG GW620 caters to all users! What's the reason?

What if you're someone who prefer Touch screen phone than the Qwerty keypad type of phone? Or the other way round?

This phone has got 2 in 1! Haha!


Talking about this awesome qwerty keypad. It is just like our normal keyboard that you guys used on your PC or Laptops! Most of the qwerty keypads phone only comes in 3 rows but for this phone, it comes with 5 rows!

This allows fast typing and also quick access to symbols and special characters!

It made typing so so much easier and this leads to text messaging your friends!! Another cool feature that this smartphone has is the threaded SMS! Take a look!!

Doesn't this look so much neater? All the messages sent by a particular person would be stored in their own thread! If you want to find any messages would be much easier and faster too!

And what's so cool about it? Sometimes you tend to forget what you sent to your friend and when your friend replies, you totally don't get it! So this is a great feature whereby you can scroll up to see what you sent earlier on! Its all inside a thread!

Awesome? Yes? :)


As this is LG's first Android phone, the key feature is its Social Network Manager!!

It is to connect to your friends via integrated SNS (Social Network Service)!

Can you spot the SNS application?

Basically, this application let us connect to our friends with Social Network Service and link our phonebook contacts directly to Facebook and Twitter!


Meaning while you're scrolling your phonebook to find your friend, you can also access to their Facebook or Twitter page!

The good thing is we don't have to trouble ourselves to go to the browser and to the Facebook/Twitter website and still have to find their contacts! This save a lot of hassle and time!!

Trust me, its really useful!

Me using another application to tweet! :D


Anyway, I shall end here for now..

And if you think thats all.. No!!! Do come back tomorrow for ''Life's Good 1.5''!

Do comment if you have any enquiries, I'll try to reply if possible! :)


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