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11:49 PM

Hello all! As mentioned in the earlier entry, there are more awesome features that LG GW620 has!


Talking about this phone comes with a 5.0 mega pixels camera yesterday.. There is another feature that we can totally make use of the clear camera!

And that feature is the Face tagging function!!

Its like tagging people in Facebook! Its the same with this smart phone!

For example, this is the photo you are going to tag...

Press your finger on the person's face like this..

and this will appear..
Then select the name of this person from your contact list

Tada! You've tagged someone in the photo!

So you might be wondering what's the point of tagging?

Well thats because once you tag someone in a photo, the auto face-tagging automatically recognizes their face! Meaning the next time you take photo of this person, it will recognize your friend! How cool is that!!

and and....

After tagging, simply touch their face in the picture and you can call, SMS, MMS, or even join your friend's social networking site!


All these could be done instantly in your gallery! How great can that be? You don't even have to go to your browser to do all these!

But however speaking about browser..

Do you all know that the Android OS and Google browser provides one of the fastest web connections? Uploading pictures/videos could be just done in seconds AND streaming of movies could be done without lagging! Omg!

See how convenient it is.. The Google browser is located at the home screen! So you can just go ahead and google what you want!

Using the browser to go to websites! Its simple and easy! The awesome thing is that you can get to surf websites with their 3-inch screen!


Wait!! Hold on!!

** I have a random question to ask you guys!

What if you guys want to check your email? Do you guys go to the browser and type in ( etc.)?

No!! You don't have to!!!


Because there is this Real-Time Push Email function whereby you don't need to visit your mail box every time to check if there's mail. It will alerts you instantly of new mail delivery!

It will notify me that I've unread emails!

and there you go reading your mails only when needed to!


Anyway, heres a random thing I found out when I was viewing the photos that I took using the phone..

You can zoom in and view the photo by just pressing the screen twice!

Okay, this is the photo before zooming in! (Steamboat!)

And press the screen twice...

See! It zoomed up till 50% and you can go all the way up till 200%!

and view the photo in large quality by just moving your finger!

Can totally see what's inside the steamboat! I can see Fish balls and hot dogs! :P


Well, last but not least...

The best thing about this phone is that.. It fits nicely in your hand when its in the portrait mode!


You wouldn't want a phone that is too bulky or rather a phone that its width is too long for you to carry it in your hand.

Looking cool with the phone! Hahahahaha! :P


And yah! Do comment if you have any questions to ask about this phone! :)


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