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Since I've been using this phone for the past few weeks.. I'm here to share with you guys some of the applications that I really like from LG GW620!!

Not mentioning those I that I had already mentioned in the earlier entries though!

Here we go!!


#1: Google Talk

This application let you chat with your friends and family who has Gmail accounts! It's just like instant messaging!

This are my contacts that I can chat with!

What I find useful about this application is that its really convenient as you don't even have to text message (SMS) your friends.. you can straight away talk to them in Google Talk!


#2: Youtube

Do you guys know there is this Youtube icon on the home screen whereby when you press on it, you can access straight to Youtube?

Very easily accessible!


Featured videos, most popular video, most viewed videos etc. will all be shown on the page once you're inside!

**Talking about Youtube, audio is very important right? Another great thing about LG GW620 is that it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack!

Any normal earpiece would fit into it! Nice!


#3: Android Market

The Android Market allows users to browse and download applications and games!


I've downloaded quite a lot of applications and games from the Android Market! You can even find stuff like photoshop on your mobile!


#4: Video Editor

You can now create lots of mini-movies with photos, videos and music! After that, you can even share your masterpiece by email, MMS or online!

You can edit your video by 3 different ways!

Simply add your photos/videos and music in and start editing! Be creative! :D

Though it's just a simple video editor, I find that its a good way to edit and playback the photos you have taken in a video! A great way to reminisce the time you spend with your friends/family when you watch the video you did!


The 4 awesome apps!

Anyway, I'm ending this entry as this is just gonna be a short one! Do check back tomorrow for a final entry on LG GW620!

P/S: There will be a video!


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