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Hey guys!

Do you all know that as a laptop user myself, I dread of looking at my boring laptop every time when I'm using it..

But guess what!!

Dell Design Studio laptops now allow you to celebrate your individuality through your laptop as there are great artist that designs the laptops which are stylish and whereby you can choose it through your personality!

Look at all the attractive designs!

Picture 1
Here are some of their collections!

Personally, I really like 3 of studio 15's collection!


They are all visually appealing and the colors just attracted my attention! (Esp. the last one!)

Anyway this series is also in support of Africa's battle against that much-feared disease called AIDS. These laptops are labeled (PRODUCT) RED. This special edition has been released to contribute to the Global Fund that is targeted towards elimination of AIDS in Africa.

Isn't it nice?


Don't you guys think that having all these skins on your laptop, its like dressing them up? Bring it out and let the others envy you!

Okay, thats random..

but after knowing all the awesome designs that Dell Design Studio laptop offers, don't you want to get a design that belongs to you?

Heres a great opportunity because Dell is inviting all of you guys to try your hand at designing your very own original artwork for your very own Studio laptop! Weee!

What do you have to do?


#1: Simply just take part in the ''Make it yours'' contest whereby you will design your own artwork.

#2: And just submit your artwork here before 05 February 2010!

Just be creative!! Be it your drawings, sketches or even doodles!

And if your design is good..

you could stand a change to have your very own design on your very own Studio laptop! They'll also be giving away $2,500 Cash Voucher to the winner so start expressing yourself and join the contest like NOW!!

Well, I'm so going to take part for the contest! Remember to vote for me! Hahaha!

And and, not forgetting that the last date for submission of entries is on 05 February 2010.

By the way, I saw a lot of really nice designs submitted over at the Dell design studio website! Do check out their designs too!

So I bet you're very eager to design your own artwork now right!

If you're interested in the contest or want to know more about their studio laptops, you can visit their site at here!


*Ran off to design my own studio laptop for the contest*

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