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After 2 of the earlier entries on SCDF, I hope you guys are more or less interested and aware of what is it like being part of the SCDF..


Anyway, do you know that our SCDF's rescue mission takes part not only in Singapore but overseas too?

Since 1990, SCDF formed a rescue contingent on 24-hour standby under the code name Operation Lion Heart. This is an overseas rescue mission to provide assistance and support to countries stricken by major disasters.

Here are some of the latest overseas mission that SCDF has took part in:

Asian Tsunami Disaster in Aceh, Indonesia and Khao Lak, Thailand (2004)

Sumatra Earthquake, Nias Island, Indonesia (2005)

Rokan Hilir Bush Fires, Sumatra, Indonesia (2005)

South Asian Earthquake, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan (2005)

Central Java Earthquake (2006)

Sichuan Earthquake (2008)

And yup, the one that I can recall the most was the Sichuan Earthquake which happened quite recent in 2008 because I still remember during that period of time, news were all about Sichuan Earthquake..

That massive earthquake resulted in nearly 70,000 dead, 18,000 missing and 375,000 injured. Not forgetting about 5 million were homeless too.

SCDF deployed its overseas Lionheart Contingent to China and their mission was to assist in search and rescue efforts at the quake-hit region.

A contingent of 55 elite rescuers from our Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived to aid in the rescue operations for victims in the powerful earthquake.

Anyway the SCDF started their 5-day Sichuan Earthquake mission by conducting search operations at over a dozen sites of collapsed buildings.

Though chances of finding survivors are not high...

SCDF didn't gave up..

And 5 bodies were uncovered and extricated from the collapsed structures and rubbles.

SCDF also rendered other forms of assistance to the locals affected by the aftermath of the quake. This included the construction of a makeshift link bridge.


During the few days, SCDF also sent drinking water, purifying tablets, tents, groundsheets, blankets, sleeping bags and food supplies for the affected locals.



Some photos of SCDF in their rescue mission:



Overall, they had a massive task at hand with thousands of people believed to be still buried under rubble..


Its one of the local resident thanking the SCDF team as the team went the extra mile to help families and also assisting them. Isn't it nice to see this?


After knowing what SCDF did, I was really kinda touched and proud in a way as they go all the way to help the affected residents in the quake without hesitation which is really very commendable.

So after knowing all the great things that SCDF did, I bet you guys wanna know or find out more about their recruitment!

You can simply just click here to find out more!

-Salute to our very own SCDF as I'm really proud of them!-


*Credits: Photos taken here

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