Internship period!

2:08 AM

Currently having my internship now as I've just ended my second year already in Motion graphics and broadcast design.. So here I come final year!!!

Anyways, one week had already passed! 11 more weeks to go till I end my attachment at Mediacorp! Hope I can learn more stuff there uh!

You know, I think that I'm more free now by like a bit... Guess its time to revive my dead blog ;)

I'm going way back to like August-September 2009!


Mummy's birthday celebration @ Timbre! (August 09)

Omg missed my hair..

Before that we went to Secret Recipe to have some small bites and also went to catch the movie UP in 3D!

then headed to Timbre after that!

Some of the food we ordered..

Bro and me!

Mummy! :)

The ambience there was quite nice uh! Got live band some more!


Hope she enjoyed herself that day!


Studio Project 3! (September 09)

Something that I wanted to update badly would be this one because school has always been keeping me busy!

Did a clip with Guixin and Hazel and we were quite happy with the video that we came out with..

Some of the photos we took after our final presentation for that semester!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 12

Photo 5

Photo 7

And heres the clip that we did!

Recently we also found out that our clip has won an award in the Phoenix Award! :)

Do tell me how you feel about the clip okay!


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