Salute to all mums

4:54 PM

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"Thank you Mummy" would be the first thing I want to say after watching the
commercial to thank mothers of athletes who participated in the YOG to thank
them, on behalf of the athletes, for their support.

When you were in your childhood, your mom stands ahead of you to set an

As you grows up and becomes a teenager, she is always behind her little one, to
lend support whenever you need it.

Once you grow up to become a mature adult, she starts walking next to you, so
that you two can be friends forever.

In short, a mother is always there for her child, at each and every stage of our
lives. At some point of time in life, every child feels the need of saying thank you
to their mother, for all what she has done.

Love it or hate it, she was your first love and will never be gone from your heart.


Every moms are the same, their child would come first.. Just take me as an

Last week, I knew I'm heading overseas for an exchange program for a month
and yet I didn't prepare anything. My mum was really worried and she tried to
do whatever she could to make sure my trip was a successful one. Thank you
for your unconditional love, for loving me no matter what, and for frequently
showing love in ways that made me feel valued and cherished.

Mom, without you, there would be no me.

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