The Finale!

11:13 PM

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Months back, I attended the CREATE2011 Launch at The Cathay and if you missed it... You can read it here!

So as I was saying, I attended the launch and guess what! Recently I was invited to attend the CREATE2011 FINALE!! Time passes so fast!

Anyway, it was held at the Ang Mo Kio Hub!

So many students!

The theme for the event was "Rockstars of Engineering" which was quite refreshing cause lots of students were dressed up to suit the theme!

Met up with the other bloggers who were there too!

Tammy, Jocelyn, Esther, Mae and myself!

So all of us sat through their presentations and personally, I was quite impressed with their works!

One of the student presenting! There were also school teachers and lots of supporters supporting every team!

I was with the girls and they were all very excited and interested in one of the work which was ''Buddy''! From what I know, it has this device which can detects people's mood! I think they all want their boyfriends to know how they are feeling! Hahahaha! Girls!

See! Jocelyn and Esther checking their work out! Look how engrossed they were!

So yeah, the judging was going on and we also get to pick our favourites and vote for them!

My vote for the junior category!

This for the senior category!

Heres the exciting part of the day! The results!!!

The emcees of the day!

All the students waiting....

and finally... It was Jack and Rai!!! They were also here to performed for all of us!

There were also this lucky draw that we were all so anticipated about!!!

One of the early bird winner who submitted their idea early!

One of the top 10 grand finalist receiving their certificates!

AND.. The moment that everyone had been waiting for...

The Nokia Experiential Journey Grand Prize Presentation!

Here is the winner for the senior category!

The winner for the junior category!

I voted for them!!

and there you go, the event ended with a blast!

Congrats to all winners and those who didn't win cause you guys were really great too!

It was really a pleasure to be part of both CREATE2010 AND CREATE2011! and I'm really looking forward for CREATE2012!

Remember, change the way we live better for the world!

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