Say bye to virus!

12:18 PM

Attended this Trend Micro sharing session event at Raindrops Cafe last week!

We had this ice breaking game and also the introduction for Trend Micro's product Titanium.

Went to event with my brother Ben!

Say hi to Amanda! Our new community manager! :)

We then had this talk by a speaker from Trend Micro!

Basically, Trend Micro is a premium security for total online safety! It's a strong, fast and easy-to-use protection to prevent our computer from getting virus since theres 1.5 new threat every second..

As you know there are hackers whereby they hack your PC through the net like gaming, social media etc.

Therefore its important to have a Antivirus, Anti-Spam and Internet Security Software!

Personally I think why choose Trend Micro is because it has strong protection, it won't slow down your PC and most importantly user friendly! :)


Afterwards we had our Christmas dinner! Yummy food!


The dessert!

Shawn was there too!

At the end of the event, we had this lucky draw and guess who was won!

My brother lor! So typical! Hahahahaha!

Gonna end this entry with...

Ben, Raine, Shawn & Me with our goodie bags!


Goodbye and Merry xmas eve everyone! :)

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