Food fun!

2:17 PM

Hi lazy Sunday!

Me and Hayati went over to Shaoming's place yesterday around 12 midnight and we made supper there!

Shaoming made this super nice Potato Croquette!

He also made Oreo Cheesecake!

Taste really good!

Anyway!!! I saw this photo online of a pasta that people made and I went to try it out!

I show you all it is damn awesome!!!!!

Poke through the hotdog using spaghetti!

Like this!

Boil it!

TADAH!!!!!!!!!!! Quite cute haha like worms!

With Carbonara sauce! Nice!

Wah so nice right!

You guys can go try out if you want! Quite fun! If you all got interesting food that you made must share with me okay! :)

Goodbye ;)

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