Loving Singapore, Our Home!

8:44 PM

Hello fellow Singaporeans!

All of you should have known that NDP is just round the corner! You guys know that Singapore is turning 47 this year right? Hahaha! I'm sure you do!

This year is really awesome as I get to be one of the NDP blogger, let me do my job and tell you more about the upcoming National Day! :)

Something that I really liked about pre NDP is that we can always get updates on the latest happenings and events that are going on! We can even check out the rehearsals that are going on! Where? On the official website!

Take a look at this year's NDP official website:

Looks great and user friendly! You can check out the website here!

WAIT! Thats not all!


I tell you which one is more interesting and fun to participate okay!!! They are:

- Building a Loving SG (Donate as little as 5 bucks to receive a pair of customized LEGO® minifigures! One of them will be placed on the seating gallery of the platform! You can get to customize your LEGO minifigure as well!!!)

- LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice (Record yourself singing the National Anthem Majulah Singapura! Your video clips will be spliced together to form Singapore’s first virtual choir! It will be shown on NDP! Don't be shy! Haha!)

- LovingSG Trails (Simply download NDPOnTheGo app on your phone and play! Stand to win prizes!)

- Instagram Competition (Take photos according to the theme and submit them! Your photos may be displayed during NDP!)

You all should go join!!!! Check out the competitions!

I want to join the Instagram competition!!! :D You all can take pretty photos right! Go join!


Have you liked the NDPeeps Facebook page?

Now you can get updates on their facebook page other than the official website!

Do check out and leave a comment! When I visit NDPeeps page, I felt the love from all the Singaporeans there! I don't know why! You should go there and take a look! Visit!


There are roadshows and exhibitions happening in the heartlands!

Do visit them as it started from May and all the way till August!

You can go down to get the LEGO minifigures and even record yourself singing the National Anthem there which I mentioned earlier on. There are a lot more for you to find out and discover there! I'm sure it will be fun!

Personally I think through these roadshows and exhibitions, we will appreciate our country more. For some, it may even deepen your understanding of the performances of National Day Parade.



Loving Singapore, Our Home!

See ya! :)

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