I went for NDP Preview 2012!

10:33 PM

Hello everyone out there! :D

Singapore's 47th Birthday is in less than a week's time and guess what? I got the opportunity to go down for the NDP preview last Saturday evening at the Marina Bay Floating Platform!!

I don't know if it's just me that I always felt very touched whenever I'm watching the National Day Parade on TV. This year I get to go down to watch it live for the preview! The last time I went was in Primary 5 to catch the NE show!

And omg I remembered last year in 2011, I celebrated Singapore's Birthday in Tekong during my BMT!!! We were watching the NDP via the live streaming haha!

Anyway, here we go!

The view from my seat!

The weather was pretty hot but glad that it didn't rain though! ;)

Sat at the yellow sector!

Something that everyone is excited about... The Fun Pack!!!

I liked it a lot! There are actually other words that will be on the fun pack, if I'm not wrong there are Love, Home, Identity and Spirit! Mine is Love!

Let the Pre-parade begins!

The school display band!

Anyway, brought Ben bro with me! :D

Isaac, Esther, Ben and me!

I like this shot! ;)

The show started with the Red Lions Freefall! I remembered this was always one of my favourite since young! Hahaha!

The Red Lions Freefall!

The marching contingents!

Ruler wristband that you can find in the Fun Pack! I Love SG!

Hello I Love Singapore!!! :D

State Flag Flypast while everyone is singing our National Anthem!

Check out the Aerial Flypast!

It's super nice!

The awesome sea display!

I still remembered they form a heart shape in the sea! Very very nice! Didn't managed to take a photo of that though!


Now to the show!

The theme this year is premised on the central idea of “Reflection” to encourage Singaporeans to reflect deeply on what we love about Singapore!

Reflections of our Singaporean identity!

Different ethnic performers dancing in harmony!

Oh, did I mentioned I like the graphics on the screen? :D

Ben and me again!

They are forming something!

The giant fiery lion's head! It actually symbolizes the triumph of the Singapore Spirit in the face of many challenges!

So nice! Like a garden!

The theme song! Love at first light!

So colorful and pretty!

The torch light! Nice right!

Remember the LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice that I mentioned in my previous entry?

Which is recording yourself singing the National Anthem Majulah Singapura! Your video clips will be spliced together to form Singapore’s first virtual choir!

There you go! Really cool! Did you spot yourself? Hahaha!!


Rounding off NDP was the fireworks display!!! WOOO!!!

One last one!


The NDP preview show was definitely a success!!! Super love the atmosphere there!

Don't you feel touched when all the participants pull off their routines perfectly? Can you imagine all the hard work they put in for months just for the National Day Parade? :)

I really appreciate everything! We should all be and cheer for them! :)

Before I go off,

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore! We all love you!

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  1. Your view was absolutely gorgeous!

  2. darylene2:48 AM

    The photos were really well taken(: