Lazy Sunday!

8:45 PM

I promised myself to do something productive today but I didn't!!!

I think at least updating my blog is considered productive right? So here are some of the random photos I took!


Met up with my mom and grandma at MBS after I helped out in one of the NDP event for my army! We went to have dinner over at Beanstro!

Mummy's peach frozen yogurt! Taste really good though!

Really yummy!

Smoked Salmon Open-Face Sandwich!

A lot of smoked salmon on top of the bread! This is one dish for those who really love smoked salmon like me! :D

We also ordered skinny fries which is kinda oily!

Mummy and Grandma! Love them!

And the tired looking me!

After that my grandpa, 2 aunts and cousins came over to look for us and we went to have supper at Upper Thomson road! Had Ba Chor Mee since my grandpa likes it! Hahaha!


Ending off with a random photo of me, Hayati and Shaoming over at the Airport!

August is still so awesome!!!

Update soon! Goodbye! :)

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  1. Your mum is pretty and young looking!