Short getaway to Bintan!

9:53 PM

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Went for a short getaway to Bintan earlier this month thanks to Journeyful Bintan Lagoon Resort! Thank you for having me there!

This is my first time to Bintan so I was very excited! I brought Shaoming along with me too! :)

Took the ferry from Tenah Merah Ferry Terminal and departed from there!

Me on the Queen Star ferry!

The journey takes about slightly more than a hour only!

Anyway, one thing to note! I think it's better to bring a jacket along as the ferry is pretty cold!


We've reached and I took the buggy to the resort!

It's a really beautiful place!

Check out the hotel room!


There is a balcony!

So we checked in, washed up and prepared to go for the Press Conference.


Photo with the scenery lol!

All ready to go!


At RICE for the press conference!




Pre-dinner cocktails and dinner on Golf Course!

I think I hardly smile like this haha!

Zoe was there as well! :)


He took this photo for me! So nice!

Time for dinner!

With Tricia, Huixian, Jayne and Amanda!

Love the atmosphere there! Very romantic! Hahahaha!


After the dinner, a few of us went to Silk Night Club! ;)

Huixian, me and Shawn!

Went back to the hotel and was feeling quite dizzy! I'm actually a very good drinker ok! Hahahaha!

That night was really funny cause all of us were quite high!


The next morning we had our breakfast at Kopi-O!

On the buggy with the nuffies! :)

Went straight for Laser Quest after breakfast!

We were all sweaty after the 15 minutes game!

And... guess where we went after the Laser Quest? Beach Massage! Woooo!


It's my first time trying beach massage though!

I think Jayne is laughing because it's quite ticklish! Hahahaha!

Went back to our hotel after the massage to pack our stuff because it's time to check out!

Had our lunch at the hotel lobby cafe!

One last group photo!


Thank you Journeyful Bintan Lagoon Resort for this amazing trip!


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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    You and Ben always share clothes and shoes one is it hhhahah!