Currently in Taipei

3:45 AM


I'm currently in Taipei, Taiwan now, if you followed me on my Twitter (@randyys) you should've already known!

It's my 7th day here and will be in Taiwan for a total of 12 days! A lot of days right? Lol.

I just feel like typing a few words here because I haven't been updating my blog for a long time!

Will blog when I'm back in Singapore!

Anyway, both my luggage is super full already and we still got like 6 more days! Both me and Ben bought a lot of stuffs omg!

A photo of me on the 2nd day. Follow me on Instagram (@randyys) if you haven't!


I'm actually in the midst of changing my blog skin...

and also my blog style.

Not going to say much about it yet!



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  1. Anonymous7:55 PM

    where did you buy your iphone casing? :)