I went to Resorts World Genting!

1:32 PM

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Yes yes! I get to go to Genting Highlands! Thank you Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang for bringing me there! :)

This trip was about a month back!

The last time I went to Genting Highlands was about a year ago before I enlisted into the Army and I really love the cold breeze there! A lot of the things have changed and improved, will tell you guys along the way in the later part of the entry!

So we took a coach over at Golden Mile early in the morning at 6.30am with other bloggers and then set off to Genting! :D


When we arrived at Genting, we had our lunch at Good Friends Restaurant!

Hao You Ji!

The Menu!

Everyone was busy taking photos of the food when it arrived! I was already famished hahahaha!

I like the Ginseng Roots with chicken soup! Very nice!

There are desserts as well! The honeydew sago has got ice cream in it! Yum!

Me looking tired because I didn't get enough sleep haha!

Overall the food was alright and quite tasty! Can't really decide a favorite dish when they are all that nice! Must be I'm hungry! I'm sure the food served us well especially from the long journey ride!


After the lunch, we went back to the hotel for check in!

Ben and me!

Got our room number! We stayed at level 27 which was one of the highest level!

I can't wait to show you guys our room! It is super nice and spacious as compared to the normal rooms!!!!!!

We get to stay in the World Club Room!

When I opened the door, I went "Oh my god..."

There is a couch!



The beds!

The bathroom which had a bathtub!

It is pretty huge right?!

The reason why I got so excited was because I didn't know First World Hotel had such big rooms! I always stayed in the normal room whenever I came here for vacations!

So I really loved the World Club Room!!! :D :D


We settled down in our room, bathe and napped awhile before we head out for dinner!

All dressed up!

We went to Ming Ren Restaurant for dinner!

The atmosphere there was quite nice!

Ben snapping photos of the menu!

Specially for us Singapore bloggers! :)

With Ben, Sophie and Melissa!

Pretty Melissa!

Waiting for the food to be served...

Photos of the dishes!

I like the Golden Crispy Fried Prawns dressed with fruits and cooked with Wasabi! Very nice!

My favorite is this!!! Spicy Roasted Chicken!

Feeling hungry now even when I'm typing all these!

Check out the dessert!

This ice cream is actually made of Pistachio and Lamb! Yes Lamb!

The taste is very unique though! Hahaha! You guys should go try it if you visit the restaurant!

Took some group photos outside Ming Ren Restaurant after the meal!

With our managers, Jayne and Gabby!

Went to walk around after the dinner! Pretty decorations!

We went into the Casino as well! My first time there though since I just turned 21! Hahaha! Played a few rounds of jackpot and all of us were super excited lol!

Headed back to the hotel afterwards!

Good night!


Day 2! We are going to SNOW WORLD! Yay!

Brought my hoodie along cause I'm afraid of the cold!

To be honest, I've never been to Snow World before! This is my first time!

For your info, Snow World is newly revamped! If you went before, you might want to visit it again!

Can already imagine how cold it will be inside!

Did you see that it's -8 degrees celsius?

The Dress up corner!

Jackets, gloves and boots are provided if you want!

Me wearing the XXL jacket! Hahaha!

Sophie and me!

Like this photo! ;)

4 of us again!

Group photo with everyone :)

We are heading in!!!

It's freezing cold!


So we had some tasks to complete and we were split in 5 teams! Ben, Sophie, Melissa, Silver and me were the team leaders!

One of the task is to take photo with someone wearing spectacles! I quickly went to find an aunty to take a photo with her! Muahahaha!

There were also tasks like building a snowman, find a kid to kiss us while taking a photo etc. which my team totally gave up lol!

The 2nd task was to collect the Nuffnang stress balls hidden around the Snow World and my team won! :)

We had a lot of fun in the Snow World despite of the coldness! All of us even had snow fight! Hahaha!

Me and my team receiving our prizes! They are Amanda, Clarence and Janice! :)

A photo with the very cute Peishi! :)

Take a look at the video of all the bloggers in Snow World below! :)


After the awesome Snow World activities, all of us went back to our hotel and pack our bags to check out! :(

I was kinda sad cause I felt that the duration of the trip was too short! Hahaha! Wished it was longer though!

We then had lunch over at the Hotel lobby before leaving Genting...

Pretty pastries!

I also get to meet Kenix! She is the National Marketing Manager from Resorts World Genting and she is really nice and generous! :)

She is super nice to us bloggers! Thank you very much Kenix!


On the coach back to Singapore!

Thank you Resorts World Genting for this wonderful trip! I really enjoyed myself! It's a short yet amazing one! :)

Although I really find the duration of the trip was too short (2D1N) hahahaha! But I'm really glad that I can get to try out Snow World and all the food!

Hope I can get to visit Genting soon to do all the other fun activities! :)

Thanks again to Resorts World Genting and Nuffnang!


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