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I think I haven't been updating regularly for a while now because of army but my new blog skin will be up soon! This means that I will update more often (I hope) hahahaha!


By the way, GlamoGirl sent me some of their products sometime back and I want you guys to check it out!!!

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This is their iLove Series and I got the Blueberry and Smoothie flavour:

1) Glossy Lip Balm
2) Exfoliating Shower Smoothie
3) Bubble Bath & Shower Cream
4) Moisturizing Body Lotion
5) Super Soft Hand Lotion
6) Nourishing Body Butter

The Glossy Lip Balm which looked really cute haha!

I've actually tried the Body Butter and the Body Lotion and it smells really nice... ;)

iLove Series carries 7 flavours so if you don't like Blueberry, there are other flavours like strawberries & milkshake, lemon & limes, raspberry & blackberry, vanilla & ice cream or mango & papaya!

I'm really happy that I can share this with the people who are reading my blog cause I know most of you are females! :D


Check out this Travel Bag Christmas Set!

I think this will really make a good Christmas gift if you have no idea what to buy!

This includes the mini luxuries, hand cream and facial wipes!

Super convenient for traveling!

Those pink lovers must be going falling in love with this travel bag now... Hahaha!

More info do visit:


Do check out iLove as I think it will make great Birthday gifts and even Gift Exchange for Christmas!

And because it's Christmas... They are having a whopping discount of 40% for the iLove Christmas sets! (Mention "randy40" for the promo code when check out to get the 40% discount!)

The iLove Series can be found on (and in stores at all 5 BHG outlets in December)

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You deserve to be glamorous!

Good bye! :)

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