Last Minute Getaways

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If you're looking for a package holiday bargain, there are plenty of ways to help keep the costs down on your next getaway. One of the most popular methods is to book a late deal, and this helps thousands of holidaymakers jet off every year to sunnier climes for an affordable getaway.

So, how do last minute package holidays work?

Where late holiday deals are concerned, the idea is that you wait until a few weeks prior to your preferred departure date before booking your holiday. This is the time when tour operators are most likely to slash their prices in order to attract those last few customers and sell off their remaining packages. Tour operators buy up flight seats and hotel rooms in bulk well before the departure date, and package these elements together with additional services such as resort coach transfers and the support of a locally-based travel representative. Holidays with Thomas Cook is a classic example. These packages are then advertised and sold to customers in the run-up to the departure date. However any packages not sold represent a loss for the company, so it is usually within their interests to sell these holidays off at a reduced price in order to claw back at least some of their investment.

Of course this works best when customers are able to vary their options and stay flexible, because availability is already limited so the more open-minded you can be, the better the choice – and price – of holiday on offer. The best approach is to be prepared to vary any aspect of your holiday criteria, such as your choice of UK airport, your departure date, the type of hotel and the local resort. You might even need to change your top-level destination to go where the best deals are too.

Last minute getaways can present significant savings on the original cost of the holiday, just remember to keep an open mind to go where the best deals are...

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Its useful tips for those who travel who are in hurry. Do you have directories of hotel packages uk