Taiwan Trip (Day 4)

10:48 PM

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regent taipei brasserie
The start of Day 4! Went to have breakfast at Brasserie which is located at the 1F of Regent Taipei Hotel!

It's a festival buffet by Regent Taipei :)

Brasserie is really well known and it'd been introduced on CNN before!

Look at the variety of yummy food! :P

What I love about their buffet is their international menu drawn from around the world!

I find that place really nice to chill at... But we had to leave because we need to head out haha!

You can totally imagine yourself reading a book or using your ipad while having breakfast there right?


And more food! ;)

Do check out Brasserie and also Regent Taipei Hotel!!


Our plan for that day was to go Tamsui (淡水) and also to go for a hot/spa spring (泡温泉)!

Took train to Tamsui train station and guess what....

It was raining heavily!

We wanted to take photos over at the Lover's bridge but we decided not to because of the rain.

Went inside the shopping mall nearby Tamsui train station but it has nothing much for us to shop...

So we went to Xin Beitou for 温泉!


The train is really cute! Love the design!

To Xin Beitou! :)

It's even cuter inside the train!


My cardigan is from Jipaban! ;) 

Both of us didn't really do any research on which hot spring to go to so we end up googling with our iPhone throughout the trip lol!

It was raining heavily and we saw this while walking!

It's quite sad because it was raining and they had to carry umbrellas!

We decided to go for a indoor hot spring at Spa Spring Resort (Shui Du Wen Quan Guan)!

I think it costed like 1350 TWD (58 SGD+) for 2 hours.


Bro and me!

Okay thats all for the hot spring photos! Hahaha!

To be honest, the hot spring that we went was kinda bad. I don't really recommend you guys to go there. Do research first before choosing!

Please tell me a good one if you know so that I can go next time! Thank you!!


It was dinner time and we went to Tao Ban Wu (陶板屋)!

As you can see from the menu, they have a set meal for 499TWD (Less than 25SGD)!

It is really cheap because they have like appetizer, side dish, main course, dessert, drink etc.


My favorite is this! :D


Me using my phone!


He was feeling damn tired at the end of the day!

One more shot of me!

I think the dinner is very worth it! Do try it out if you are in Taiwan! :)


After the dinner, we took train back and Ben lost his easy card! He had to buy a standard ticket to get out from the train station lol!

We had some shopping over at their Daiso and bought some snacks again!

Went back to our hotel (Regent Taipei) and sleep which basically ended our Day 4 in Taiwan! :D :D


Check back for more updates!

Good bye!

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  1. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Randy you are so leng zai OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Feel so horny seeing your body ><

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Hi, would like to know if we have to strip down to nothing before going down into the hot spring tub.

    1. I went for a private hot spring so it's up to you to decide if you want to take off everything but I'm not really sure for public hot springs. :)

    2. Anonymous11:58 PM

      So did you at least wear something?

  3. Anonymous1:23 AM

    OMG I went to 陶板屋 too when I went to taiwan in the summer :) Their food is really good!! :D do you plan on going to taiwan again? like in the summer? since you had such a great time ^^

    1. Yes! I so feel like going back there again!

  4. Anonymous10:00 PM

    omg, did you wear anything in the bathtub with ben?

  5. oh hi! I went taiwan last December, and also to xinbeitou for the hot spring and tried the 滿來滿拉麵 ! It was fun because I went with my best friend and kind of flashback memories when I'm reading your blog! Keep going, hwaiting randy! :)