Taiwan Trip (Day 5)

9:22 PM


Day 5! The day that we are checking out from Regent Taipei Hotel!

But before checking out, we went to Brasserie to have our breakfast again! :)

The food we had!

The pastries that I got. Looks really good right?


Went back to our hotel room afterwards to pack our luggage cause we are leaving the hotel :(

Really wished that we could stay there for the entire trip cause the location of Regent Taipei Hotel is really convenient if you want to travel to any places!

But before we left, I took some photos around the hotel that I want to show you all!

The reception area!

The waiting area where people can sit around while waiting to check in :)

The lifts!

Pretty Christmas Decos during that time!

Ben and me taking one more shot before leaving the hotel!

Goodbye Regent Taipei Hotel!

I'm really thankful for getting to stay in this awesome hotel! Thank you Regent Taipei and Peggy for arranging this for our Taiwan trip! :) :)

Thank you again!

Do check out their hotels if you're planning to go to Taiwan!


Took some photos with the cute duck sculpture just outside the hotel!

Ben posing with the ducks!

One more!

Ben said that this looked like Christmas trees!

Me snapping photos along the way!

Anyway, we had lunch before heading to the next place that we will be staying!

Went to N.Y. Bagels Cafe!

It's a really nice place!

The menu!

Check out the pretty N.Y. Bagels sign behind!


Mine! I love their bagels seriously!

Us with our food!

Ben was quite unhappy that the seat he got had bad lightings and the one I was sitting at had the "N.Y. BAGELS" sign behind me so he swopped seat with me just to take this shot! Hahaha!



We took a lot random photos!!! I think a lot Taiwan people were staring at us lol!

Cute little chicks!

With this Bigpow thing where you can plug your phone in and play music from it!


This is getting random lol.

Ben standing at lane 3 cause his favorite number is 3!

Me with rabbits hahahaha!

They looked like they are going to hop on me!

One more random shot of Ben.


Reached the place where we will stay for the rest of our trip!

Dumbo theme room! ;)


After settling down at our new place, we went to XI MEN DING!

Did you just saw what I saw?

Yes! Girls' Generation!!!!

I didn't shop much in Xi Men Ding because the stuff there are actually quite pricey as compared to Shi da night market.

Had dinner at this 阿毛 Risotto cafe!

Love the colorful walls!

Doggy! :D

Me trying to take photo with the dog ;)

The menu!



The dog seems uninterested to take photo with Ben lol


We decided to go sing KTV at Party World which is just next to Xi Men Ding!!!!!

The entire building is just for singing KTV!

Checked the price for the package and it is just 900 TWD (40 SGD+) for the both of us!

We sang from 11am to 5am! That is 6 hours! It's pretty cheap! :)

The room is pretty big for the 2 of us!

There is even a personal toilet in the room! How awesome is that?

Ending off with a photo of us!

Check out for more updates ok! Goodbye!


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  1. youknowyouloveme9:59 PM

    OMG Randyys you are so efficient man! You are already on day 5 but look at Ben, oooops, hahah! Anyway enjoy reading your blog!! XOXO

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Hi randy, May i know what camera model are you using? :D thanks!

    love your taiwan posts! :D

    1. Thank you! :)

      I'm using Sony Nex-5 (Its an old model)!


    2. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Thank You Randy! :D

      Continue blogging those awesome blogposts! :D

    3. Anonymous12:00 AM

      can i know what are the settings u have on ur nex-5?

  3. your posts are getting more and more interesting ~~! looking forward to the next ~~~!! ^_^

  4. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Randy, You're so cute! Omg

  5. Nice reading your blog. :D Hoping to see more. :)
    Ben still left behind hahaha...

  6. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Randy, you're growing up to be such a leng zai! :)

  7. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Nice! you are so handsome btw! :D

  8. Anonymous6:42 PM

    my god. ask ben to blog more. he is so slow

  9. Anonymous11:39 PM

    whats the hotel name that you were staying? with the Dumbo theme room. Its so cute!

  10. Anonymous12:10 AM

    I just happen to chance upon you and your brother's instagram and found out about your blogs! I watched the videos on your youtube channel and you guys were interesting and cute too hahah! LOL anyways when i realise you like SNSD too i was quite surprised cos I didn't know you like them! ME TOO HAHA! Just wanted to say it out you 2 seem like interesting people! It will be cool if we could make friends hahah just wondering~

  11. Anonymous10:52 PM

    i super love disney's dumbo.. am so excited to see there is a dumbo themed room. may i know where were you guys staying at?