Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger Contest!

11:56 PM

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Hello everyone!

Are you feeling yellow today?

Anyway, I'm here to share with you guys a contest! Everyone loves contests right? So do I!

Here we go!!!

Cebu Pacific Air is searching for the "Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger"!

Something that you got to know about Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) is that they are the largest carrier in the Philippines air transportation industry, offering its low-cost services to more destinations and routes with higher flight frequency within the Philippines than any other airline.

CEB had flown over 70 millions passengers over 16 years of operations across Philippines also also 32 domestic and 21 international destinations, including Beijing, Bali, Osaka, Seoul and Dubai!

Currently, they are operating 10 Airbus A319, 24 Airbus A320 and 8 ATR-75 500 aircrafts!

This is the ATR Cabin!

CEB also flies from Singapore and Malaysia too! From Singapore to Manila can get up to 35 times weekly!


Back to the contest!

What is a "Juan" Blogger?

"Juan" in the Filipino language, refers to the everyman which is a key market for CEB given its trademark low fares.

Cebu Pacific Air has always been known for their upbeat flying experience and also their young and fun culture! Thus, they are in a search for a blogger ambassador which embodies that same fun-loving spirit they have!

Check out their young and friendly staff on board!


What do you have to do for the contest?

Create your own most creative Cebu Pacific safety demo dance moves!

This is an example:

Lol! Yes! You'll have to dance! ;)

If you're thinking that you will be shy to dance in front of everyone... DON'T WORRY! Because you don't have to!

This is a online contest and you just need to record your best safety demo dance on camera!


Before I go into submission details... I NEED TO TELL YOU THE ATTRACTIVE PRIZES!

There will be 10 winners!

1st Place winner:

1) The title of "Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger"
2) 2 Round-trip tickets to 4 destinations in Phillipines (Cebu, Manila, Iloilo, and Clark or one domestic destination of your choice)!!
3) Free 3D/2N 3-Star accommodations for 2 in all 4 destinations!!!
4) Travel allowance of US$500 for every trip!!!
5) Your dance entry may be featured by Cebu Pacific's safety dance crew on board future flights!

In short, the winner will be rewarded with CEB flight for 2 to four destinations in philippines, 2 nights hotel stays in each destination from, and US$500 travel allowance per trip from VISA!

Amazing or what? 


Remaining 9 entries from Top 10 will also get a 2 Round-trip tickets from Singapore to Iloilo!

OMG! The prizes are so super attractive!

When I saw the prizes, I was like... I need to join this contest! Hahaha! Moreover, I've never been to Phillipines before!

Check out some of the destination photos!

So beautiful!

I want to go to Philippines! Looks so relaxing! Feel like traveling there to break away from my hectic life hahaha!

This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You as a blogger can bring your partner along to explore the Philippines, and to share the adventure with your readers on your blog!

So yes! You recording yourself dancing in front of the camera will be so worth it!!

It's More Fun In The Philippines! :D


So now that we know the prizes, it's time to pay attention to the steps to enter the contest!

1) Basically, you will have to like Cebu Pacific Air's Facebook Page and go to "Search for the Juan Blogger" contest application!

Once you're there, download the MP3 file of the jingle! (It's very catchy lol)

2) Watch their sample dance tutorial if you have no idea how to start!

3) Record yourself dancing your own safety demo dance by using your digital camera/webcam/mobile phone camera! Remember the criteria is creativity! :)

Tips: Do incorporate the use of pre-flight safety instructions in your dance steps (i.e. use of seat belt, oxygen masks, life vests, emergency exits, etc.)

The video entry must have a minimum run time of 30 secs!

4) Upload your video on a video hosting site (eg. Youtube) and submit your URL!

Post it on your blog as well!

5) Start Rallying for votes!

It is that simple!

Ask your family and friends to vote for your video to be in the Top 10! The winning blogger will be picked by a panel of top Cebu Pacific executives.

You can check out more of the contest details, Terms & Conditions on their FB Page!


Quick start planning and recording your video as the submission deadline is on 15th March 2013, 11:59PM!


Guess what!!!

I've recorded my own safety demo dance! Hahahahahaha!

Please don't laugh at me!

I tried my best... LOL

HAHAHA! I'm sure all of you all can do so much better than me!

So now that I did my dance... you all also must join too ok?


Lets all dance our way to Phillipines! ;)

Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Ahahaha! Randy you're so cute when doing the dance!

  2. Omg you're so cute hahahaha love your dance LOL!! I feel like joining the contest too but I'm too paiseh to record a video of myself dancing >.<


    - ♥

    1. Don't be shy! You can't be as bad as me! Hahaha! :)

      Gogo join!

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I think you are freaking adorable!

  4. Hey Randy!!!I'm one of your followers from the Philippines!Too glad when I saw this entry!If your the luckiest one,go to Subic Bay also (search it!search it!I'm from there lah. xD)!!!--It's near Clark.Hope to see you and Ben here!I wish you'll win. :)

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for this nice comment!!!!

      Hope I can go to the Philippines too! :)

  5. oooow. I'm from the PH also. M-IJI is my friend. Glad to see that you decided to join this wonderful contest. I hope you win and find the Philippines as one of the countries you will surely pick and return to when you need a fine time to yourself and relax.

    GOOD Luck. ^_^

    1. Hello! Thank you very much! :)

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Reading this blog entry makes me remind of Ch5's The Two Of Us drama before!It's in Philippines right?I want to see the lead actress there! :D

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