Happy, happy Christmas

10:34 PM

I have to say December is definitely my favorite month of the year now.

I just love the Christmas atmosphere! Christmas is the loveliest festival of the revolving year and the best thing is being able to spend it with the presence of your loved ones. Which, I spent it with my close friends.


Finally got to meet up with my poly clique which I'm very close with. We have this thing where we said we will celebrate Christmas every year and it's already our 3rd celebration together!

I think I'm really close with my poly clique is because of spending all our time together, rushing projects, meeting deadlines and having lots of fun. Sometimes, I just wished I could go back to my poly days again so that I could cherish the moments again. Haha, am I being too over-sentimental? But it's my true feelings!

So, to all you guys who are still studying... cherish ok!


Back to the celebration!

We went to B Bakery which is located at Arab Street. 

Hazel booked the whole place just for us! Awesome or what?

Our huge table!

Their menu.

Hazel, Guixin and me :)

So we ordered our food and proceeded to Gifts exchange! We had Secret Santa for this year!


The process of the gift exchange was super hilarious because we don't know who is buying for who!

Siyang, Jasmine and Yiling with their presents!

Us 3 again!

Yiling is happy with her gift!

Candid shot of me and Guixin laughing at Hazel when she opened her present lol.


Here comes our food!

Mango Salad.

Like this!

The food there is quite affordable. You can order a few dishes and share it among your friends which we did! :)

One group photo before leaving!


Headed over to Bluemist Cafe & Bistro to chill there since we've got nothing much to do!

Do you want some Hoegaarden?

Guixin and me :)

With Guixin and Yiling!

All of us!

Love hanging out with them! Recently we just had our CNY gathering! Blog about that soon!


Anyway, I think I've given up on blogging for my TW trip! Will update on TW trip some other day when I've got nothing to do! Hahaha!

Goodbye! :)

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