Radio Talk Show

1:02 AM

Hello! I'm back with a new blog skin!

How is it? Actually I wanted to like publish it on the first day of the new year but I couldn't because of some technical problem but it's all good now! :)

I think I really nothing to do because I will always mouse hover the 9 circles on my header just to see the effects. Like very fun lol!


Anyway if you followed me on Instagram, I posted a photo of me in a radio talk show sometime back...

Me and Ben were invited by Temasek Poly to attend a talk show regarding our blogs!

I felt kinda bad because that day we were stuck in a heavy traffic, thus we were late! But everything went well!

With my bro!

Thank you for the invitation TP! :)


After that, we went to Delifrance for breakfast!

Mushroom soup!

I'm a fan of their classics since I was young!



One more!

The day ended with us shopping in town and nothing else.

Abrupt ending!

Good bye!

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