Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Cover My Bagel - Giveaway!!!!

Check out my iPhone cover from Cover My Bagel!

Yellow! My favorite color! Hahaha!

Posted this photo on my Instagram last week! The cover is from Cover My Bagel as well!



I will be having a GIVEAWAY!


I will be giving away this white mustache iPhone 5 cover to one of you guys! :D

What do you have to do to win?

Leave a comment telling me why you should win! Remember to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win! :)

To qualify for the giveaway, you also have to...

1) Like Cover My Bagel's Facebook page! (http://facebook.com/covermybagel)
2) Follow Cover My Bagel's Twitter! (http://twitter.com/covermybagel)
3) Follow Cover My Bagel's Instagram! (http://instagram.com/covermybagel)


Check out more of their nice covers at http://covermybagel.com!

Goodbye! Faster comment now! :)


  1. Firstly, i love white..got an iphone5 so i would need it..love the design from http://www.covermybagel.com/

    liked their page..

    first to comment..hope i will win =]


  2. I told Randy I cannot win it, cos even I win it, it will be a waste as I am not a Iphone 5 user. But apparently Randy said I could win it for my friend so I decided to try my luck to win it for a friend.

    Their design is simple and it is easy for anyone to match their dress when he/she wants to go out for a date or whatever.

    Hope I can win it.

    Email: hinsway@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @hinsway

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Yesterday, I told Randy on Twitter that I could not win this because even I win it, it will be waste as I do not own an iphone5. But apparently Randy said win it for your friend, so I decided to try my luck to win it for a friend.

    Their design is simple and white is easily match with any dress. Even though I like the yellow one, but Randy is only giving out the white one.

    Hope I could win the cover for one of my friend.

    Email: hinsway@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @hinsway

  4. Hello Randy!! I wanna win this because of it's simplicity and the trendyness in moustache recently and I've follow all the steps already. So i hope I win :)

    EMAIL: edwxnkoh@gmail.com

  5. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Done all of the above. (เน‘•◡•เน‘) Really like the cover alot and it's really unique! Really hope I can win this! >< Armituofuo. ๐Ÿ™
    Email: lewjunwei97@hotmail.com
    Twitter: @Ballswithflaws

  6. The classic mustache! It's so cute and the mustache is pop up one (I'm guessing from the picture) which makes it unique.
    Black against white is really pretty and I love it!
    Hope I can win it! :D

    I should win it because I will really really treasure it. I have 2 pink casing so a change of color for me would be good x.x Hehes.

    Email : Cherjaine@gmail.com

    1. Yup! This is a 3D mustache pop-up cover! :)

  7. Cover My Bagel have really nice covers so..

    I wanna win this because the cover is really nice. White background with a small mustache. I could also take photo like what you did there. ^^V
    What's more, I'm actually trying to win this for a friend who like randy a lot. So hope this could makes her day much brighter :D

    Email: junhaop34@gmail.com
    Twitter: JUNHAO_P

  8. The cover from Cover My Bagel is really nice and kinda different from what I see in the market. So..

    I hope I could win this, definitely not for myself, but for a friend of mine who really love randy a lot! So, by giving such meaningful yet simple gift, it would definitely brighten up her day!

    Liked & Followed

    Email: Junhaop34@gmail.com
    Twitter: JUNHAO_P

  9. I wanna get this cover because... i can't grow mustache LOL. Hope i'll win it! THANKS HAHAHA.

    Email: zhong_hozy@hotmail.com

  10. Their design is so cute and pretty and im a girl without mustache and just because I will never have a chance to grow mustache I would hope to own something cute,simple and special with mustache. Heheheee.

    *ive never won smth online before so, hopefully ! :)

  11. Email : joyee-chin@hotmail.com

  12. Haii Randy :D haha, I don't win giveaways but I'm just gonna give this a try.
    I wanna win the cover because I recently owned an I5 and couldn't find any nice covers. This moustache cover is so cute and its even pop up!
    Hope I could win this xx :D

    Email : purplegurl@live.com.sg

  13. Hi HAHHA what if I don't have twitter account :(

    Anw yes yes I wanna try it out the iPhone 5 cover given by you and I likeeeeee yellow just like you do!! Sunshine!!! ����☀

    Hahaha email @ wendypangdehui@hotmail.com

    KKK thanks!!! Hope to hear from you soon ��

  14. Hello, I'm saw your picture on instagram and would love to try this contest out. I don't have an iPhone 5 but my mother does, so wish me luck. :)

    Email: darylCML@hotmail.my

  15. Always love the mustache design #likeasir & if I won this I will have more motivation to change to ip5!



  16. Always love the mustache design #likeasir & if I won this I will have more motivation to change to ip5!



  17. Little Miss Sunshine11:43 PM

    I love it because wearing that mustache makes you instantly 100x cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Hi Randy ! (: I am an iphone 5 user but i find it hard to find really nice phone covers so im really hoping i will win the white mustache iPhone 5 cover ! Thanks for reading xx .



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