KFC Zinger Double Down Max

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Remembered the KFC Zinger Double Down that was introduced last year? The first ever bunless chicken burger? I'm sure most of you did, especially the meat lovers out there! The legendary KFC Zinger Double Down did left a huge impact on me when I tried it last year though! Haha!

Do you know that...

It's BACK! NOW, Zinger Double Down Max!

Yes!!! I love how they add the "Max" at the end of the Zinger Double Down! It's like telling all of us that they are back to a next level and it's BIGGER and BETTER than the previous Double Down Burger.


Anyway, I went for a food tasting at KFC Kallang Stadium! Thank you KFC for the invitation!

Have you been to this huge KFC outlet before? :)

My Zinger Double Down Max!!!

As someone who already had a huge impression of the previous Double Down... It made me more curious to find out what is the new change that the Double Down Max has.

and if you're wondering why Iron Man is on the packaging cover... That is because the super-hero proportions size of the burger can fulfill your super-hero appetite! Check out the pictures below and you will know why!

I bet Iron Man likes the Zinger Double Down Max as well hahaha ;)

Can't wait to check out my burger!

Ahhh I'm ready to eat!!!

I realized what's new this time round is the newly added GOLDEN HASH BROWN!

The hash brown!

Let me show you the epic-ness of this burger lol!

What I love the most is the bunless chicken burger! I think it is really unique and I liked it a lot!

Me and Rachell with the huge boards of the burger haha!

One more photo of us before we start eating!

Do you want some?

After finished eating, I find that the Zinger Double Down Max was really good! I don't really know how to explain but it tasted so much better with the hash brown! Maybe its more filling? Or it goes well with the chicken and turkey bacon. I mean if you are those who are always on the look out for unconventional and new taste experience.. This burger is the right one for you.

Now I'm thinking if only the burger is as big as the board that I'm holding haha!

Everyone was indulging with the Zinger Double Down Max haha!

Ben bro and me!


Guess what!!!!

Iron Man came down to visit us!

Iron Man with all the bloggers! He must be really tired after the long photo taking session haha!

He should be rewarded with more Zinger Double Down Max hahaha!!


Check out their promotions meal bundles!

Zinger Double Down Max Meal @ $7.50
- 1 Zinger Double Down Max
- 1 Regular Coleslaw
- 1 Regular Pepsi

Zinger Double Down Buddy Meal @ $14.20
- 1 Zinger Double Down Max
- 2 pcs Chicken
- 2 Regular Whipped Potato
- 2 Regular Coleslaw
- 2 Regular Pepsi

The Zinger Double Down Burger is available a la carte as well at $5.90!


For all the Cheese fries lovers!! (I love cheese fries!!!!)

Check out the Trade-up Special:

1 Regular side -> Cheese Fries
1 Regular Pepsi -> Medium Pepsi

For just $1.50!!!!!!!!!

The trade-up special :)


Do you know what is the best thing you can get from eating the Zinger Double Down Max?

You can stand a chance to win attractive SONY products and movie passes worth up to $30,000!!!

1 Match N' Win card will be given with every Zinger Double Down meal or Zinger Double Down buddy meal!

Open your card and match!

The prizes you can win if you successfully match the prize image!

I want this laptop!! Hahaha!

Yes, it is that simple! Just match and win! :)

If you choose to enjoy your Zinger Double Down Max at home.. You can also order it via www.kfcdelivery.com.sg and this will entitle you DOUBLE chances to win these attractive prizes!

How awesome?


Anyway, if you haven't tried the new KFC Zinger Double Down Max yet... What are you waiting for?

KFC has already launched the all new Zinger Double Down Max on 10 April 2013 so grab it today! :)

You can check out the KFC Zinger Double Down Max at their official website here!


I hope you guys can win the Match N' Win Prizes ok! Good luck! :)

Do comment and tell me what do you think about the Hero-sized burger!

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