SPIKEDXSOULS (Menswear & Womenswear)

12:03 AM

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Guys who have no idea where to shop for nice and fashionable clothes?

Check out SPIKEDXSOULS (pronounced as "spiked souls"). This online store is founded in late 2012 by the owner who runs the entire store operations.

Their menswear collection are really unique and it is not something you can get from the typical stores in malls so I was pretty excited to see what they have to offer the customers!

Featuring 2 of the nice tops from SPIKEDXSOULS!

The top I'm wearing is "Oh, Milky Way" from their Menswear collection :)

A closer shot of the tee!

Everything from SPIKEDXSOULS is below $21 and the tee that I'm wearing is just $15. Affordable!


Another top that is from their Menswear collection!

The material for this top is Cotton & Lycra!

Thus this top is lightweight and breathable that is comfortable and it fits closely to the body too!

Check out the design! 

There are other nice designs as well from their collection, which you can take a look too!

"White Galaxy"

Close up shot!

I've a small sized built and usually apparels from online store doesn't fit me well because as they are quite big for me.. but I must say both the top that I got fit me really well! Yay! :)


Other than Menswear, SPIKEDXSOULS caters to Womenswear as well!

Their new collection will be launched every 1-2 weeks!

Size doesn't suit you? You can request for orders of 1 size up! It will take about a week to arrive. :)

If you're interested in any of the apparels that I wore...

Do visit their online store now at

Have a great shopping day! :)

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