Adeline Beauty Spa

1:25 AM

As you know skincare is very important...

I got the opportunity to go down to Adeline Beauty Spa recently for a facial treatment because my skin condition was pretty bad...

Adeline Beauty Spa is located at PSA Building (level 2) which is at Labrador Park MRT Station!

It is a newly opened parlour and I really like how the whole place looks!

A corner which displays all their products!

Really pretty and cozy!

Consulted with the professionals and I guess these are my main issues! My dark eye circles is really bad and my skin looked really dull and dry! I also have blackheads problem as well!

Going to have my treatment now!

I'm trying out the H2O (H20smotique) Therapy!

It boosts hydration levels to instantly revive dry and dehydrated skin which is something I really need!

The treatment only requires 5 steps to hydrated and plump skin! The products that they used for the treatment are from Switzerland!


With only 1 treatment, I can actually see visible results like it restores the dewiness and radiance!

The service they provide is really good as well. To be honest, this is the best experience I had for facial treatments! Other than the good service and friendly staffs, I don't feel any pain from my facial! They customise the treatment needed for every customers as there are different needs for individuals. 

I'm looking forward to the other treatments that can improve my facial conditions!

I also get to try this Lustre Silk Masks at home! You can only get them from Adeline Beauty Spa and it is made in Korea!

It is really good and it helps in:
- Deep Moisturising
- Cooling and Refreshing
- Anti-Ageing
- Intensive Hydrating
- Pore Tightening
- Skin Brightening

Heading out for an event yet no time to go for a facial treatment? This mask is a good replacement for that! :)

Do give them a call or email if you are interested in the masks or the facial treatments! Contact details below!


Adeline Beauty Spa

460 Alexandra Road
#02-12, PSA Building
(Alexandra Retail Centre)
Singapore 119963

Nearest MRT: Labrador Park Station

Tel: 6884 4232


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  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Ran, what type of lens are you wearing?

    1. Hey there, I'm wearing Acuvue Define. :)

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