RTL CBS Extreme HD Channel Launch

3:01 PM

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Great news everyone!

RTL CBS Extreme HD is here! The First in Asia to broadcast this new channel and it is going to be launch in Singapore!

Here's a short brief about RTL CBS Extreme HD:

RTL CBS Extreme HD is the second channel of RTL CBS Entertainment Network, the joint venture formed by world leading content producers (RTL Group and CBS Studios International).

A general entertainment channel for the boys, this new channel features extreme and action-packed content with a combination of Action Series, Extreme Sports, World-Famous Illusionists, Shockumentaries and Action Reality Programmes to be available on SingTel mio TV (Channel 335).


Excited when I heard about this new channel because I'm always a fan of action reality programmes (My few favourites are Survivor, The Amazing Race and not forgetting Fear Factor)!

Was invited to the launch of this new channel and I was really looking forward to check out what's in store for us!

Love the whole crime scene setup over there!

The launch was held at Wheeler's Yard. It was my first time there though.

We were all required to take a mug shot before we can head in!

RTL CBS Extreme HD will be brought to Singapore on 27 March 2014!

After the mug shot, I was given my access pass!

Hmm me and my hot assistant trying to solve the crime haha!


Inside Wheeler's Yard!

The whole theme for this launch is so directed to their channel which is really nice!

There were different stations for us to try out our fear level! I still remember one of it was to eat the fried cockroach! This is so Fear Factor! Hahaha!


Official launch begins!

Everyone was ready for the performances lined up for us!

Get ready for performance by Parkour stunts!

Host Stephanie Carrington getting us warmed up for the magic show by Cosentino!

It was an eye opener for me and now I really look forward to the new channel that is airing on SingTel Mio TV!

The unique point of RTL CBS Extreme HD is that it has a mix of action series, extreme sports, action reality programs and master of illusion for their target audience!


RTL CBS Extreme HD will feature first and exclusive titles such as:

Dynamo: Magician Impossible

Red Bull Art of Motion, Red Bull Cliptomaniacs and Red Bull Air Races!

Favourite action series: Hawaii Five-O

Fear Factor!

Not to forget the new series of Criss Angel BeLIEve, Master Illusionist Troy and the international Magician Cosentino!

Check out all these awesome shows that are airing on this channel!


So how do you subscribe to RTL CBS Extreme HD Channel?

If you are already subscribed to the Metro Pack, Jingxuan Super, Inspirasi Super, Kondattam Super, Desi Super and Action Gold pack, you will be able to enjoy the channel at no extra charge!

If not, here are some of the few ways you can subscribe:

- Sign up at any SingTel retail shop
- Contact the SingTel sales hotline at 1609 (9am - 9pm daily)

For more information about the channel and packages available, do visit www.miotv.com.sg!

What are you waiting for? :)

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  1. This channel idea is awesome! Wish we have it in the Philippines! Or maybe we do but I don't know about it... .___. The event sounded awesome, too! :D I tried the fried cockroach in China once and I screamed after eating it. HAHA!

    Cheers! :D