About Braces Dental Surgery (Part 1)

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"More than just the smile"

As most of you all know, I took off my braces around September last year... I was wearing my braces for around 4 years? but my teeth wasn't really in the state of what I wanted. My 2 front teeth wasn't straight and my upper and lower teeth was not aligned properly.

I'm really excited because I'm here to share with you guys that I'll be going to About Braces Dental Surgery for my Invisalign! :)

Visited About Braces Dental Surgery for my Invisalign consultation!

It is located at Novena Specialist Centre. I was there the other day and the television was playing Iron Man 3! The waiting time seemed so much shorter then haha.

Dr Vaz checking the condition of my teeth. I've actually heard a lot about Dr Vaz and he is really nice and caring towards his patients!

Dr Vaz has 20 years of experience in Orthodontics and is well-versed in all the various kinds of orthodontic treatment available today. He is also an Invisalign Provider. Dr Vaz is one of the largest users of Invisalign in Singapore.

I'm so fortunate to be able to do my Invisalign under him! :)


Before we start, if you still have no idea with is Invisalign..

Created with beauty in mind, Invisilign is the clear alternative to braces. You don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in your brackets or worrying about how painful braces will be—Invisalign will help you get the beautiful straight smile that you’ve always wanted.

The team at About Braces will create custom aligners that are made of comfortable (and almost invisible) plastic that you will wear over your teeth. Gradually, the aligners will shift your teeth into place. Every two weeks, you will pop in a new set of aligners until you get your dream smile!

Why choose Invisalign?

- People won’t notice you are straightening your teeth
- You can eat whatever you want
- You can easily clean your aligners
- Invisalign is comfortable (no poky metal ties)


Photos of my teeth being taken! I also had my X-ray taken after that.

I'm going to get the mould of my teeth done... But guess what?


With this machine, patients do not need to undergo the traditional gooey dental material to create an impression of the teeth. Now we can get our teeth scanned and see the 3D model of our teeth instantly!

I really love it cause its so convenient!

The 3D model of my teeth! As you can see, there are some holes in-between my teeth...

This is the ideal aesthetic result! So much better! :)

Take a look at my Invisalign Clincheck! It will show how my teeth will look like at the end of treatment and an idea as to what the end result will be.

My first 5 sets of invisalign! I was told by Dr Vaz that I will need just 18 sets to complete my treatment which will be around 8 months!

Before I wear my aligners, I had some attachments to be on my teeth as this helps it to move when I'm wearing my aligners. I also got some of my teeth shaved so that there will be space for my teeth to move and straighten.

And yes, my teeth is not very clean and yellowish :(

Orange box: Attachments on my teeth
Blue box: Teeth shaved for space to move and straighten

Me with my aligners on! :)

If you were to ask me about the pain level, I would say 0.5/10. I think it depends on every individuals, maybe because I wore braces before so I'm used to the pain tolerance? But don't worry it is not as pain as you imagined! :)

I really can't wait to see the end results of my teeth! Thank you About Braces Dental Surgery and Dr Vaz!

I'll be posting my Invisalign journey along to way so do stay tuned!

Do visit About Braces if you are interested in Invisalign or even Braces!


About Braces Dental Surgery
8 Sinaran Drive, #06-01 Novena Specialist Center
Singapore 307470

Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 8am - 1.30pm

Phone: 6397 7177
Email: enquiry@aboutbraces.org

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