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Skincare is a really important routine and I'm actually someone who is very lazy to put skincare products on my face. The less products to put on my face, the better haha! Recently, I get to try out Just For Men Skincare series which they believe in bringing you the best men skincare with the least hassle.

JFM (Just For Men) focus of men's grooming with the correct skincare products.

Their featured products which I got to try them out!

The brand that they carry is the BOSOD Range of Skincare! In case you are wondering, the brand is brought in from Korea.

I will be reviewing the products in the later part of the entry :)


As for visual purposes, I will be applying the products on my hand to show you guys how they look like.

One Kill Cleansing: Facial Cleanser (Removing waste on skin + Moisturizing + Sebum control)

The creamy texture and fine foam would be prefect for cleansing clogged pores.


Bye Bye Mr.Sebum (Sebum control + Astringent + Whitening, Anti-wrinkle)

This adds vitality to skin by whitening and anti-wrinkle functions

Those are are looking at moisturise and improving skin elasticity should use this!


Turbo Booster Skin Night (Soothing Skin + Relief Skin Stress + Anti-Wrinkle)

This soothe Fatigue Skin & Relief Stressed Skin! I think I need this a lot since everyone is saying that I look tired all the time haha.

Use this after facial cleansing and apply it over the face and neck!


Waterful Lotion (Skin Elasticity + Moisturizing + Skin Smoothness)

Waterful Lotion keeps the Skin Soft and Supple with Hydrating Formula and it is suitable for all skin type!


Energy Power Cream (Supply Nutrients + Skin Moisture Barrier + Whitening/Anti-Wrinkle)

The solution for Skin Dryness! It's a one moisturiser that solves all your concerns (Skin dryness, blemishes, sensitive and irritation)


Feel So Good Sun Gel (Providing enriched moisture + Smooth finish + Triple functions)

I remember someone telling me putting on sun screen is very important but I do not have the habit of doing so.

This sun gel doesn't only protect you from UV but also Whitening and Anti-wrinkle too!


Multi-Action BB (Anti-Blemish + Sebum Control + Whitening/Anti-Wrinkle/Sun Protection)

This is not a must but if you are someone who wants to improve your overall appearance and look presentable, you can try this Multi-Action BB Cream! It improves Skin Tone & texture by covering wrinkles and pores!


I'm currently using the products and everything is fine at the moment! The products also have a nice smell too! The products they carry are stringently vetted to ensure that they do not contain any harmful substances which seems to be pretty safe!

Anyway, do visit JFM website to know more about their products if you are interested! They are also having special promotions at their website which you can head over to check them out!



Email: enquiry@jfm.com.sg
Contact: +65 9689 1381

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