NDP Funpack 2015

5:25 PM

NDP is just around the corner and I am really excited about it! This year is really special because Singapore is turning 50. Can't wait because I'm really lucky to be the first few to check out what is inside this year's NDP funpack!

Being a part and helping out in NDP for 2 years during my army days really brings back awesome memories!

This is one of the 50 designs! Being a designer myself, having your work on the NDP funpack is definitely a dream haha!

Unveiling what is inside! :)

All the items inside the Funpack!

One of the really special items is definitely the Singa Lion!

There are a total of 15 different designs of the Singa Lion and the full set of the figurines can be purchased at The Kindness Gallery (140 Hill Street #01- 09 Singapore 179369) from July onwards!

All proceeds of the sale will go to the Singapore Kindness Movement’s Seed Kindness Fund. Do check them out if you are interested :)

All the childhood snacks and games we used to play! 

Not forgetting our national flag!

This year, there are a SG Funpack and also a NDP Funpack. Both funpacks contains a slight difference of items.

SG Funpack:

Sustenance items - Newater
Publication items - Replica of Proclamation of Singapore, NDP Poster (programmes during the Jubilee Weekend)
Interactive items - LED Balloon Maraca, Miniature Flag, Face Tattoo
Miscellaneous items - Detergent, Instant Cereal

NDP Funpack:

Sustenance items - Newater, Mineral water, Bread chips, Bread, Biscuits, Sweets
Interactive items - LED Balloon Maraca (Star-shaped), Miniature Flag, Face Tattoo, SG Scarf, Foldable Fan, Truckers Cap
Miscellaneous items - Disposal Bag, Poncho, Wet Tissue, Dry Tissue
Publication items - Show Pamphlet, Souvenir Booklet, Discount Booklet


There is also a postcard event too which is writing a "Birthday Wish for Singapore"!

These postcards call for Singaporeans to remember and reflect on what they are thankful for, and to pen their well-wishes for Singapore. In partnership with the Ministry of Education, these cards have also been distributed to all Primary 5 students in Singapore. Collected cards will then be used by students from the National University of Singapore to build a birthday cake float structure that will be displayed at the Marina Bay area during the Jubilee Weekend. The birthday cake float structure will incorporate an EZ-link card donation mechanism, which allows the public to tap their EZ-link card on the structure to make a donation. All proceeds will go towards Community Chest.

Seems like so many things is happening this year and I can't wait! :) 

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