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11:15 PM

About 2 months ago, BRAFIC was finally launched!

Both me and my brother Ben have always been thinking of doing something of our own and we finally decided to start this business together.

In case you are wondering, what is the meaning behind the name BRAFIC?

B R A F I C = Ben Ran Away Fried Ice Cream

LOL. Many years back, we wanted to start up a F&B business but it didn't happen due to several reasons but we already came up with a brand name so we decided to just go with it.

and... BRAFIC is pronounced as [bra-fik].

BRAFIC is a digital marketing and design agency where Ben is in-charge of the digital marketing side and me doing the design portion. We aim to deliver value and creative solutions for brands to reach out to their customers as digital integration is now a must for every brand on the planet.

I've to admit that things are not going to be easy as we are just starting up. There's a lot to learn and grow. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next!

Do check out our website and social media platforms where we share the works we do for our clients:



Anyway, we got our business cards at this website called Gogoprint! We are really excited because the name cards were delivered to our door step and the quality is pretty good too!

Other than business cards, they print flyers, brochures etc.

Just 4 easy steps!

Choose formats, papers, colors, etc.!

You can also select the quantity and how fast you need the products delivered!

 Check out Gogoprint at (

Love the quality of the name cards!!

We've been receiving quite a few compliments on the quality and design of the name cards too ;) 


After doing freelance for so many years, I'm excited to start something of my own. Thank you to all my family and friends for the support! :)

See you!

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