Finally update.

9:19 PM

Hey ppl, i'm back to update my blog ! and guess what? EOY exams is reaching ! and after that it would be HOLIDAYY ! but guess it would still be a long time -.-

During the one week hols in sep, hex went out! I'm lazy to update but my brother had already updated his blog for the outing. so if you wanna know what happen, you could link to his blog to see. haha.

I've decided to change my tagboard as the current one kinda sucked lar. Haha.

oh yar, i bought V3x also. I bought it much later then my brother. =] and yes! I paid it myself!!

a random pic of me and johnston in maple ! I'm MRma0 (: LOL !

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JASMINE: thanks for taggin me mei (: and rmb.. discuss with alice ! JAN: thanks! although i dunno who are you. LOL. CHARR: charlotte. linked you liao. CHAIYI: (: WENJUN: boo hoo. you are not the one i replied 1st. LOUSY! booo. hahaa. MRGAY: i'll reply yur tag first if you tagged 1st after i replied all the taggys! miss MRGAY. haha DEMO: thats not what you think " MDM GAY ". F.SOUL: i where got owe you treat sia? MED: i look so ~~~ ?? WENWEN: thanks for taggin huiwen =D HUIJUN: Linked you already. JOCELYN: yar. you very the cute hor. -.- JIDAN: wow. split personality. jidan and mr gay (: WAHAHA. WENJUN//JASMINE : stop quarreling abt the " cute " thing. PEACE ! SEAN: haha. u finally tagged for me (: MICS: congrates wor. my comp still haven hao. LOL

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