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Time passes so fast and now, I'm officially fifteen (:

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Fatin and me :D our bday is on the same day !

Now, I'm typing out all the names who sms-ed, testimo-ed, blog-ed and also msn-ed me TO WISH ME HAPPY BDAY as to THANK them :D and ALSO! the order. like who wished me in decreasing order.

By Tagboard
JUZ, Wenjun, Steph jiejie, Zongwei, Natt, Helmi, Chaiyi, MichelleLEE, Jasmine mei.

Blog { ppl who mention me in their blog :D }
Helmi, Michelle, Jocelyn, Cheryl, Juz.

By Testimonial
Chrystal, Jocelyn, Ziting, Wenjun, Singee, Sharifah, Farhana, Sharon, Kristina, Huiwen, Rachel, Steph jiejie, Josephine, Aries, Yijia, Hayati.

Randy Zhang, Cryst_gal?, Singee, Charlotte, Zul, Kenneth, Juliana, JENJEN, Helmi, Fitri, Jasmine mei, Jamues, Sockhwee, Melvin, Johnston, Cassandra, Vivian mei, Lidong.

Jocelyn, Jessie, Fitri, Juz, Jocelyn again, Wenjun, Medaleine, Afiqah, Christine, Fatin, Zongwei, Randy Zhang, Huiwen, Amenda, MichelleLEE, Daddy, Jasmine mei, Qihui, Suhailaa, Cheryl, Sharon, Chrystal, Ben bro, Helmi, Natt, Ain, Yunling. :D

and my mummy was with me the whole day. so she was the earliest the wish me :D THANKS MUMMY :D and not to forget.. YEWAIK! he wished me 2 times in person :D Dad and bro was working so they sms-ed me. anyways. thanks all for wishing me and wish me that i could grow taller -.- i will try my best. LOL =D

This time i wont be replying birthday wishes :D but the others, YES!
JIDAN: well, i'm not sure who is MR gay, MRS gay and MDM gay. haha. :D MRGAY: haha. Mdm gay kidnapped mrs gay. thats too bad :( oh and you've found mrs gay? CONGRATES. lols. DEMO: too bad. hope i can reply yur tag first next time. CHARLOTTE: emm. maple and habbo equally rocks. lols. JOCELYN: thanks, i sucked. CHRIS: yea. habboo (: AIN: lols. and now its over. and it will be yurs soon. JASMINE: thanks for tagging so much, i really appreciated! WOO. MY MEIMEI ROCKS. haha.

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