7:47 PM

Okay, I'm back to update. :D anyways, this week and next week are EOY period lar.
my chinese and english i think gonna flunk it. anyways, today mr chen told us the physics results and i didnt fail i think ? lols. anyways. this friday is maths paper one and two. i haven't started revising yet. today was a shock ! the dm, mr teo came into our class,
asked all the boys to stand for a hair check. ppl around me keep say i will tio.
but mr teo asked me to sit down. phew ~ lols. then ppl say : why u didnt kanna catch ?
=D instead, sam, yijia and yunlong was caught. =(

I was wearing specs till holiday i suppose ? wear lens is such a pain ! troublesome, waste time. LOL. but alot ppl say i wear specs so weird and RETARD ! ='( LOL

I really wanted to say something. thank to WENJUN (: she really the one who is not selfish and think for ppl like me :D she is awarded the best best friend from me :D lols. oh ya, i still owe u swensen and the 1day lot one thing. hahas. after exams k :)

and one more thing before i go, do i look like i m from NT? { Normal Tech } ppl come adding me on msn, friendster and they will say : Eh u technical ar ? or they will say i beng or quit school or what shit ? pls lah, i look like one meh ? btw, i m express stream de. lols.

I cant understand girls! they are like got mood swingg de ? this does not applies to all girls lar. SOOO.. girls, dun hate me xD

I had finally finished my DNT artefact and folio lar. which is the past dunno how many days. cheeros to me and yewaik :D we always want to finish the DNT asap de. btw good luck to all in the upcoming exams. JIAYOU ! =D ohh. wait !!! i had already made my IC !!!!! =D haha.

JUZ : woo, juz the first :D JASMINE: haha. now second liao. got improvement. happy not?
JIDAN: next time u will be first lah. :D and good luck to u in EOY also. XIAOSHARON: now i blog again ! HELMI: i'm sure i'm gonna give her heart attack lah. haha. MICS: =D SUHAILA: okays. you're forgiven :D JOCELYNSEOW: thanks for taggin. CHAR: charlotte, you're mad. anyways, HAPPY BELATED BDAY -.- haha HUIJUN: emm. i keep saw u this few days sia. LOL. WENJUN : kk. 1 day LOT ONEEE ;D STEPH: hey jiejie. now i update liao. miss u also. ASHLEY: lols. :D thanks for taggin yea.

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